John Wonson

Software Engineering - Game Programmer

About Me

John Wonson

Hi I am John Wonson, a Software Developer located in Sydney, Australia and have recently completed my Bachelor of Software Engineering (Game Programming) Degree at Torrens University, Sydney in 2021.

I have demonstrated knowledge of HTML5, CSS, Javascript and C# languages, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code and the Unity game engine. As part of my degree, I will have a direct focus on programming in C++ while working with the Unreal game engine and collaborating with other programmers and game artists to create a commercially viable game.

My goal is to find employment within the gaming industry, either here in Australia or internationally. If you have a Software Developer position available and are looking for a highly motivated programmer to join your team, please contact me.

I am a member of..

IGDA Meetups


Sydney Unity Game Dev



Below are screen shots of projects I have developed as part of my studies. Some of these have been completed as group based activities where I was the lead programmer collaborating with the artistic team. You can view more details for each on my Projects page.


My 'Side Projects' are activities completed in my spare time where I explore and test out different game techniques such as vectors, character movements and procedural generation. A selection of screen shots can be viewed below. For more details check out my Side Projects page.