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John Wonson

Hi I am John Wonson, a Software Developer located in Sydney, Australia and have recently completed my Bachelor of Software Engineering (Game Programming) Degree at Torrens University, Sydney in 2021.

I have demonstrated knowledge of HTML5, CSS, Javascript and C# languages, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code and the Unity game engine. As part of my degree, I will have a direct focus on programming in C++ while working with the Unreal game engine and collaborating with other programmers and game artists to create a commercially viable game.

My goal is to find employment within the gaming industry, either here in Australia or internationally. If you have a Software Developer position available and are looking for a highly motivated programmer to join your team, please contact me.

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Taking inspiration from the FPS style of game, I wanted to develop a functional minimap that updated as the player traversed within the game space. Written in Unity C# I used a looped rendered texture to display the minimap.

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Max Payne Style Character Controller

Using my favourite game from the early 2000's as inspiration I wanted to recreate the movement system that made this game so iconic for its time. Developed with Unity C# and Blender to animate the character using inverse kinematics, this was my first attempt at animating a third person character controller.

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Multiplayer Arena FPS

The idea here was to create a networked FPS influenced by some of the most popular FPS games currently available. A player can host a match with a maximum of 20 participants. The main obstacle to overcome was enabling player controls, such as shooting, movement and collision detection over the network using SyncVar and Command functions. Key gameplay elements include weapon pick ups and a battle royale style survival mode with limited ammunition in a fast paced tactical environment. This game was developed using Unity C#, with the graphical elements provided by an artist friend.

Voxel Procedural Generation

Taking influence from Minecraft I wanted to create a self updating world when a player traversed the map. I overcame the technicalities of updating the scenery by using a mathematical equation and a delta time function to update the world 60 times a second in the players immediate field of view. The player has the freedom to navigate through the world by forward, backward and tunneling movements. Developed in Unity C#.

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